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Options When Making Major House Renovations



If you want to re-design your home to suit your own needs and tastes, then this article will provide a hint of some of the major renovation options that are available to you. While some of these things may not apply, there are some which will help you to make the best possible choice if you are going to carry out major house renovations.

General guidelines – when making big renovations to your house, always take into account the new dimensions of the rooms and conjoining spaces. If the spaces are going to be restructured, the shape and size is the critical factor. For example many people choose to remove some internal walls. This does two things. Firstly it creates open plan living areas and secondly, it produces surprisingly large amounts of extra useable space.

Consider the time factor when making major house renovations. For example, adding or removing internal walls will drastically increase the completion time, and can lead to delays. These changes will also impact the current fixtures and fittings, as well as the locations of pipes and wires. Before making large changes, consult with an engineer or designer and have the plans drawn up so that there are no unexpected surprises. Also ensure that you have the appropriate consent from the council.

While there are many rooms that can be altered, the major ones are the kitchen and the bathroom. These will be considered next, as they are the primary rooms in the home.

Kitchen renovation – for the majority of families, and indeed couples, the kitchen is the center of the home. It is the area in which most people spend most of their time. In many cases, the kitchen and dining room are linked to provide the main social area of the home. When guests visit, the kitchen will be the entertaining area. As such, the kitchen should be given priority when making renovations.

Ray White

Ray White

Some of the top kitchen options to think about are the traditional kitchen, the rustic kitchen, the transitional kitchen, and the contemporary kitchen. Knowing which style you prefer will impact all the other choices you have (such as the units, the surfaces, the flooring, lighting, colour scheme and overall decor). If you like to have social gatherings at your home, then think about combining the kitchen with the dining room area, as this makes a great setting for parties.

Bathroom – the next most important room in the home is the bathroom. Again, there are many options when it comes to the bathroom, and knowing which design style you prefer is the first thing to decide on. Then you have choices such as having a walk-in shower, a large bathtub, under-floor heating, how many washbasins you choose, lighting options, decor and flooring such as ceramic tiled or wooden flooring. Perhaps the most important issue for a bathroom is the ventilation since there is a lot of moisture in the air in these rooms.

In terms of the bathroom, the lighting is one of the most important considerations to make. It will set the tone of the bathroom and allow a certain mood to be set. These days, lots of people like to have the ceiling lights set in so that a relaxing environment is created.

When renovating your home, you need to consider the room dimensions. Will you be making them larger? If so, ensure that this new size is factored into your plans. It is also important that the position of the doors, windows and skylights are determined on the plans as they will affect the floor plan and the location of the facilities. From here, you can think about the fixtures and fittings, and decide on the best locations for them.

Summary – use the ideas and suggestions listed above to make your choices when making major house renovations. Take the time to really consider what design type and style most suits your personality, and then make choices based around this.

Finally, to bring about these renovations, you will need to hire a house renovations company. If you want an Auckland house renovations building firm, you might want to give these guys a look. Repair & Restore has been providing major renovations and restoration work to clients for many years now. In that time they have built up a very strong reputation as this video shows.

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