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Why A Website Assessment Is A Crucial Element Of Your Online Marketing Campaign


Creating a quality website is the first step towards establishing an online presence for your business. You need to define some goals for your website and choose the right strategies to achieve these goals. Creating a website without setting some goals first will make it difficult to assess whether or not your website is successful. Creating a basic webpage with information about your business isn’t enough. Your website can become a valuable tool to generate leads and sales if you put some time and efforts into planning your marketing campaign. But first you need a Wellington SEO agency to carry out a website assessment to see if is set-up to achieve your goals.


Website assessment

Website assessment

Define what kind of action you want visitors to perform on your website. You could focus on getting visitors to fill out a contact form to receive a quote. Your goal might be to draw attention to your online store to generate sales, or to encourage visitors to visit a brick-and-mortar location for your business. List your goals and create a design that will draw attention to the elements you want visitors to interact with. Keep track of how many Internet users visit your site and calculate the percentage of visitors who perform an action such as subscribing to your newsletter, requesting a quote, or placing an online order. Tracking this percentage will help you assess how your online marketing campaign is progressing. It is the first step in a proper website assessment. If you are uncertain how to do this contact a Wellington SEO agency to help you.


Your site conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who make a purchase on your site. You need to keep track of how your conversion rate progresses over time and look for ways to improve it. The information shared on your homepage is crucial since it can prompt a purchase, for instance by displaying a banner about a sale you are having. Navigation tools are also crucial since they will help visitors access information about your products and find the right item for their needs.


Your site conversion rate is easy to calculate. You will need the number of monthly visitors for your site and the number of visitors who performed an action such as purchasing a product. You can then calculate the percentage of visitors who performed the desired action. If your site is receiving 5,000 visits each month and 125 of these visitors filled out a quote request form, your conversion rate for this specific action is 2.5%. If 72 visitors purchased a product, your sales conversion rate is 1.4%.


Tracking your site conversion rate will give you an idea of how well your website performs its purpose. You should also keep track of how the conversion rate for different actions such as subscribing to your newsletter, following your brand on social media, or filling out a contact form impact your sales. Some visitors will purchase a product after visiting your site, but you will probably find that most customers connect with your brand in one way or another and will make a purchase later.


Bringing more visitors to your website is a crucial element of your online marketing strategy. You need to develop a search engine optimization strategy to get your website to rank higher in search results for relevant searches. Visitors should find answers to the questions they look up on your website, which means you will also need to work on developing quality content that is relevant to your target audience. You can get your content to rank higher in search results by researching the keywords your audience is likely to look up and by using these keywords in your content. Getting links to your content featured on other popular websites in your niche will also boost your search engine rankings. You can get help from a search engine optimization company to figure out and implement the right strategy.


The design of your website is another important element. Internet users need to be able to easily find the information they need when they visit your website. Your site should deliver a positive experience and make navigation easy. People will leave your website if it isn’t easy to use or if they can’t figure out how to find the information they need. Take the time to test every feature of your website and always look for ways to improve the design to make navigation easier, especially on mobile devices.


Think about getting help from marketing professionals to write good copy for your website or to create an appealing design. The copy you use on your website can make a huge difference since well-written content will engage visitors and make them want to read more. Good copy can be the first step towards building a strong relationship with a customer who will come back to your site to place multiple orders in the future.


In summary, a professional website assessment carried out by a Wellington SEO agency is the foundation of your success online. Unless you know what you want to achieve, you can’t assess if the site is designed for that goal. Only after you have had a professional assessment by a marketer rather than a designer, can you begin to move towards your goals, and to generate a return on your investment.


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