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How Can A Manukau Family Lawyer Help You – All You Need to Know


If you are looking to resolve family issues using the court system, it is essential you hire a family lawyer. You need a specialist Manukau family lawyer as these areas of law are very complex.  laws that concern issues such as handling wills and divorces. Many people are unaware of the various family situations that are resolvable through a talented lawyer. With this in mind, here is all you need to know about how a family lawyer can help you.

Advice for Wills and Estates

Divorce in ManukauAfter the passing of a family member, there might be lots of confusion surrounding their estate and will. Many times, wills are written with the help of a lawyer, which is why you need to hire a legal professional to properly analyse the contents of the document. Lots of family members with no legal experience often get confused about what exactly the contents of a will entail for them and their family, which is why having a Manukau family lawyer is so important.


In the same manner, any issues having to do with the estate distribution is also best handled by a lawyer. In the case of a large estate, with many relatives claiming rights to some of the assets, things can get complex very quickly. If you want to navigate through the various legalities of estate management, it’s crucial you get a trustworthy lawyer to help with the process and make all the terms clear for you and your family.


Advice for Divorces

When going through a divorce, hiring a knowledgeable and reliable lawyer is a must. Divorces are incredibly sophisticated from a legal perspective, as there are many legal tests and calculations that must be conducted. Even though the distribution of assets is New Zealand is set you in law as being shared equally, custody, access or visitation rights need to be agreed. If a home is to be transferred to one party, it is in effect, a sale so a Sale and Purchase Agreement and a mortgage have to be processed.


Advice for Custody and Prenups

When going through a divorce or separation, you might have many questions surrounding how child custody arrangements are made. In New Zealand, custody is called Care of Children. Parents can reach agreement or if not, then mediation will be required to bring about resolution. This is often carried out by a practitioner of family law.  It is a specialised area so not all lawyers will be experienced enough to handle these issues. Without having a lawyer that is aware of all of the technical details relevant in your current situation, you could end up with an undesirable outcome regarding access or custody. If you want the fairest and reasonable custody arrangements, you need strong legal representation.


Manukau family lawyerPrenuptial or Relationship Property Agreements are also best conducted through the advice of a family lawyer. These agreements can become void if they are not processed in a legally correct manner. It is important that any prenup is drafted correctly to avoid misunderstanding and disagreement in the event that the couple do separate.


If you have any family law issues, McVeagh Fleming in Manukau can help.


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