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Five Ponsonby Home Renovation Projects Building Companies Offer

Ponsonby home renovations buildersHome renovations, unless they are planned properly, can be far more costly than you might imagine. It matters who is at the helm of your project, and you certainly want someone you can trust. There are different types of home remodeling projects, and each type of building company has its specialities. If you have any projects for home renovations Ponsonby might like, read on.

It is important that you identify which companies are best to call on for quotes in relation to the type of remodeling project you have planned. For example, you’re not necessarily going to call a basement specialist to help you redo your kitchen. Home renovations Ponsonby residents have carried out can be done by contractors who could be either generalists or specialists.

Just like you’re not going to call a bathroom contractor to help you build a deck. There are more types of home remodeling projects than you care to consider right now. You are focused on what you need done. There are general contractors, but unless you are planning a whole home remodel, you might want to do some digging to find the niche contractors themselves.

Recladding Renovations

If you need recladding on your home, you’re going to call a siding specialist. If you need a new roof, you’re going to call the best roofing company in your local area. Keep in mind that if you have several projects planned, the way you order them can be important, too.

Storm damage

If your home has been damaged due to a natural disaster, you might not even know where to begin. In some cases, it is perfectly fine to put a general contractor in charge and allow his networked contacts to fill in the blanks. You just want a contractor that is going to keep communication open with you and not do anything without your approval.

In the case of storm damage or another type of damage, you want a contractor that specialises in restorations. And of course, in those cases, your insurance company will also be involved. These contractors are familiar with how to deal with insurance adjusters and can help you know what to expect as well.

House Extensions

Room additions require permits and are subject to approval. This is a project pertaining to new construction, and you want a qualified contractor on the job.


Perhaps you’re just wanting to get in touch with a painting contractor. Remember that there are exterior and interior painting jobs, so even then, you have to make sure you’re looking at the right listings. And you want to be sure that you’ve chosen experienced professionals to handle what needs to be done.

Kitchen or Bathroom Renovations

Ponsonby home renovationsWhat are the most popular remodeling projects that homeowners choose to undertake? They are kitchen and bathroom renovations. Whole house remodeling falls in right behind that. It’s just simply the case that kitchens and bathrooms often need remodeled before anything else.

This is due to the nature of how each of these rooms is used and the fact that plumbing fixtures and many appliances are involved. Are you planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Ponsonby Home Renovations

Whatever renovation project you have planned, do you already have a number in mind? It is a good idea to think ahead and at least come up with a number you want to spend. Find a contractor that is empathetic with your renovation plans and not just pushing his or her agenda.

The amount you spend on a home renovation project after calling builders is up to you. You can always talk material costs and different options, whittling down that number to your comfort zone. And it is always best to get multiple quotes until you’re standing in front of someone you know is the right person for the job.

After getting quotes, you can decide whether to move forward with a project or wait until you have the finances in line for what you want to do. If congruent with the type of project you have planned, you can also do one thing at a time, coming up with a timeline that meets your financial situation.

Perhaps you have been planning this remodel or renovation for quite some time, and you know you’re ready. You just need to find the best building contractor in your area to handle what you need done. Regardless, take your time, but be diligent during your search. Leave no questions unasked, and to be sure, the personality of the contractor in charge is going to make a difference, too.

If you have a home renovation in Ponsonby, contact Fever Pitch Building. They are well-regarded renovations builders and can do a great job for you.

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